“You taught me to see that my mission is possible. Thank you so much!”

“Your personality and heartfelt caring made the workshop very successful.”

“You are one of the most powerful speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Your lecture this week touched me profoundly.”

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Hello. I’m Carol Marleigh Kline. And I’m passionate about helping you see how every Earthly experience holds a spiritual gift.

  • Have you ever asked yourself why you feel compelled to do everything perfectly?
  • Or why you try so hard to please other people?
  • Do you get angry in traffic? Or when you break something?

This website is dedicated to everyone who asks why life feels so hollow when we’re only following the rules and hoping to find some happiness along the way. Why don’t the great jobs and the great relationships do it for us?

  • You can understand what’s going on.
  • And you can make the changes that will turn your life around.
  • Start right here. Dig around on this website. See what resonates with you.

In the archives, check out the titles of more than 100 programs from three years as the “Streetwise Spirituality” online radio host. Listen in as authors talk about the books you’ll want to read or as I share my thoughts on love, spirituality, and the practical skills you need here in Earth School.